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Top Football Plays 2019

The world’s true top player is yet to be decided between two of football’s most popular athletes. It is as though the football world is divided into only two. One half are fans of Cristiano Ronaldo and the other half are fans of a younger top player, Lionel Messi.

Messi Was Once A Ronaldo Fan Too

Lionel Messi grew up playing football with his family. Football had always been a part of his family’s life and so it was only natural for him tobe exposed to it at such a young age. When he was younger, it was his grandmother that took him to football practice and she was his constant supporter. Growing up in the world of football, Messi looked up to top players such as Cristiano Ronaldo.


No one knew that one day he would become his sole rival to claiming the title of modern football’s greatest player in the world. Today the rivalry between the two top players have been used by endorsers to get more attention for their own brands. The fans have bitten into the rivalry as well and have fueled the divide in football fan bases all over the world.

Messi Was Once A Ronaldo Fan Too